The spray paint textures are excellent for adding that grunge, urban feel to your work. Giving your design that stencil or graffiti look and feel.

Spray paint textures the ultimate bundle for Photoshop and Illustrator

I created my first spray paint bundle back in 2015. I never planned to create a whole pack. I just did it for a job I was doing for a client that needed real spray paint textures.

It wasn’t until I had finished it, that I thought, I could maybe sell these textures—so I did.

Now I fill my day creating assets for designers and I love it.

Adding more value

It’s safe to say I’ve learned a few things since then. Largely due to my technique of “Suck it and see”. Or to put it another way to just try things and see what sticks.

As Thomas Edison said, “I failed my way to success.”

I think I understand what fellow designers and creators want (I’m one of them).

How to make this random selection of spray paint marks, stand out, to somehow give it more value.

One way I decided to do that, is to show and tell. If people can see what is possible then it opens their eyes to what they could achieve or design.

How very wet this water is

That sounds odd, but sometimes you just need to see what is possible with a product.

For instance, I know quite a few surface pattern designers on the Creative Market.

When they show me a flat bit of artwork I’m like okay, that’s nice. I like it. It’s like I’m damning them with faint praise. Because patterns are their thing, they have a vision of how this will look when used in the real world.

A vision that I just can’t see (or have not learned to see)

The second they put the pattern onto a product like a perfume packaging or pillow I’m like—Boom! That looks awesome.

And that response, that very first response is what I want to see.

When you think about it, it’s obvious. There is a reason why Ikea have all those rooms set up with all the products in them. If it looks good in their room, it’ll look great in your home.

Spray paint textures

With my new spray paint bundle, I’m taking my own advice and showing more examples of how you can use the textures.

Not just drop in a texture and be done. But how you can truly get that type effect or that cool looking stencil.

The bundle contains over 150 real spray paint textures. All created by me on real paper with a can of black acrylic spray paint. Scanned in and painstakingly cleaned up ready for you to use.

The pack includes a combination of spray paint textures, splatters, lines, shapes, drips and dots. Everything you need to create genuine spray paint designs. All the textures are available as photoshop brushes, textures, eps files and bitmaps. So you can use them in Photoshop or Illustrator and in fact any painting or vector drawing app.

Everything is super high-resolution scanned in at 1200dpi.

The spray paint textures are excellent for adding that grunge, urban feel to your work. Giving your work that stencil or graffiti look and feel.

All the paint textures are available as

  • Tiff files
  • EPS files
  • Bitmaps
  • Photoshop brushes

I have also included a photoshop action to convert the .tif files to transparent, making it super easy to change the colour and combine with your own design.

Buy The ultimate spray paint bundle for £15

Get Spray paint

That is all.


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