spray paint texture

40+ ultimate spray paint free photoshop brushes

Spray paint – This is the follow up to my last spray paint freebie. It only had a handful of spray textures, this post has more. These are new, fresh, high resolution spray paint effects. All Photoshop brush ready.

All created by me with an old can of black spray paint. Spray paint textures so good, so vast that it will make your nose bleed. I use them in my own work – and now you can too. I’ve scanned them in, dusted them off and converted them into brand spanking new spray paint textures, all are hi-res photoshop brushes.

With a variety of long spray drips, shorter drips, dark splatters, fine lines a few symbols and bigger patches of spray – all high resolution, all free.

All have been selected and edited to make them easy to use in photoshop its a brush collection. I’ve done the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. You can just get busy doing fantastic designs.

Forty Plus Spray paint textures

Be warned these are hi-res brushes – they are massive!

spray paint textures

Unleash your creative side

You could use them to

  • Create extra texture in your design work
  • Give that photo the spray grunge feel
  • Create some stunning urban text effects
  • Create graffiti art

Your might have an inner graffiti artist inside you just waiting to burst out. For all I know you might be the next Banksy.

How do I get these awesome spray paint effects?

Head to my downloads area. Link below.

Get spray paint free brushes

How can I use them

I want you to create awesome spray paint texture effects in your work. So I’ve made these available to use in your personal work or commercial work. All I ask is that you don’t redistribute them without my permission. As you can imagine it took a white to create them.

So, please, download them and add them to your graphic collection.


I once read a quote somewhere that went something like “Man is a tool using animal, without tools he is nothing. with tools is everything.”

Now you have the tools, the ammunition, go design, go create something amazing.

Let me know what you have created.

Now stop reading this.

That is all.