stitchedup font

Stitchedup font a free hand drawn typeface

Stitchedup font or Stitched up, I created this typeface on my iPad while commuting to work. Its very badly drawn, the tube is not really the place to create a typeface. It’s not ideal getting shoved about, but it makes use of the 40-minute commute across London. I mean, I’m sat on my fat arse, I might as well do something with the time!

I had to keep waiting for the tube to stop, then quickly draw the curves before it shuffled back into action. I had enough elbow room, so I could draw the straight lines when the tube was moving reasonably easy. Got a few funny looks from the other commuters – but that’s normal. Even if you get a seat on the tube, it’s still a bone shaking ride, something that I don’t normally mind, as it sends me off to sleep.

Stitchedup font

So this font kind of looks like hand stitching, hence the name. I’ve not had chance to see if there are any other fonts with the same name, but I’m sure there must be tons of fonts like this. Rather than do a perfect job, I was looking to achieve imperfection (is that a word?) a shaky look and feel, rather than a perfect dashed line. That’s why I did it on the tube, it made me feel travel sick. I stuck at it, glad I did.

Stitchedup Typeface

Stitchedup Typeface usage.




Good for image overlay text


Lowercase letters included

stitchedup font

How it looks at smaller sizes

In total there are 190 glyphs, stichedup has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols and other marks.

Stitchedup best used as a headline font

Stichedup is best used as a headline typeface. As the dashes are so thin, it looks best at bigger sizes, it looses its dashes if you try and use it too small. From my tests below I would say use it at 60pt upwards.

Stitchedup Typeface

As for how or what you would use it for, well that’s up to you. I would say the obvious usage would be for sewing, stitching and needlework kind of designs. Mind you that might limit it, it kind of looks quite fun and friendly so it could be used for a load of other designs.

Stitchedup font free version

Feel free to download and use in your personal and commercial work.

Download Stitchedup free font

Please note: Although this font is free, it can not be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without prior permission.

That is all.