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Store templates mockup photography for photoshop

Photoshop templates baby. Just released my new photoshop store mockup templates pack—easy for me to say.

If branding and identity are your thing, you just might want to mock them up in a real image.

That’s exactly what my new shop mockup bundle does. I use to work in corporate branding so know how handy it is to present your ideas. Flat mocks in illustrator don’t cut it these days.

Taken in Manhattan, NYC

All the photographs in this photoshop bundle were taken in Manhattan in New York.

New York is such a cool city, like London on steroids with all those tall skyscrapers. The mix of old and new, steel work and contemporary architecture—stunning. New York has such an eclectic style, I love it.

I picture myself sitting on those steel staircases with coffee in hand, writing my latest blog post. Chowing down on BLT sandwich, just chilling, and watching the world go by.

Yeah, dream on.

Sucker for signage

I generally take my Nikon SLR everywhere I go, so when I was on holiday in NYC I was shooting everything. It’s great to see such a vibrant and busy place, I knew they would have interesting signage. What can I say I’m a sucker for signs.

Not just signage, anything!

Smart objects are the future

Shop sign mock-up 3 a set of 10 high-res photos of shop signs. It’s my 3rd edition—feel free to explore my other photoshop mockups.

All shop signs include smart objects, making it dead easy to add your own branding and logo designs to the photographs.

Just open the photoshop file, locate the smart object and double click. Drop your own design. Save and you are done.

You can copy anything into the smart object, a vector from illustrator, a scan, a doodle whatever you want.

The templates

Shop sign mockup templates

Shop sign mockups ready for your logo design

store sign mockup

Close up store sign mock-ups 1 and 2

store sign mockups

Close up store sign mock-ups 3 and 4

store mock-up

Close up store sign mock-ups 5 and 6

store mock-up for adobe photoshop

Close up store sign mock-ups 7 and 8

Photoshop mockup templates

Close up store sign mock-ups 9 and 10

Perfect for branding designers

It saves you bags of time trying to manipulate your branding masterpiece into the right perspective as it’s already done. Not to mention the fact that you also have an authentic original image to play with. In fact, you get 10 of them.

You only need basic photoshop skills to use the mockup templates, and if you are still unsure I have provided full instructions in the download.

Buy shop font mockups for £15

Get shop font mockups

That is all.

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