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Display fonts

Yesterday I scheduled over 300 display fonts to my Pinterest account (feel free to follow me). A crazy and time-consuming experiment to see if I can get some traction on my account. It's not something that I like doing. It somewhat ticks me off to have...

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Brush font inspiration 10 awesome examples of modern handmade brush fonts. Brush fonts, from script to display all hand drawn with Irregular brush marks, thick and thin strokes with wobbly lines and the odd paint drip.

10 awesome examples of modern handmade brush fonts

The thing I like best about brush fonts is their hand-drawn nature. No, not drawn hand painted nature. With paint, it's almost impossible to keep your brush marks under total control. Modern brush fonts Irregular brush marks, thick and thin, expressive strokes with wobbly lines and the...

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10 stunning stencil fonts for you design work

10 Stunning examples of stencil fonts in 2017

Traditionally people used pre designed stencils with a tin of spray paint to easily mark their goods. They were made from metal, plastic or paper and allowed everyone to quickly apply a uniform lettering or motif to anything. Used as a display type stencil fonts...

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buckley font

Buckley font handmade serif display

Buckley is my newest font creation, drawn with a fat Copic pen on paper and painstakingly digitised into a fresh new typeface—yeah! I nearly called it Bulldog—here is a Bulldog drawing—nice. Drawn with a Copic pen It's surprisingly hard to draw a straight line with my copic pen...

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