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Type old writer free font download

So I picked up this old typewriter on eBay. I tried to get one at a car boot sale and failed miserably. Haggling it seems is not my forte.

My sole intention was to convert it to a digital typeface. It would have a bit of character and look a wee bit different from all the other typewriter fonts. That was the plan anyway.

So I got to work, I had to buy new ink ribbons, but that was about it. The weird thing I found out that is had no number one. the key wasn’t broken it just didn’t have a number one. Weird or what?

A quick search on the internet revealed that some typewriters never had a number 1 to save on keyboard space. You have to use the L key.

The keys were dirty, choked with ink from years of use. I liked that as it added the character I was looking for.

Type Old Writer

Type Old Writer free font

So here is is a new font that I’m calling type old writer. It has limited characters as shown in the image.

Get type old writer

The typeface is no longer free, sorry about that. You can buy it on my Creative Market Shop.

Type Old Writer


It’s an old typewriter font and does exactly what is says on the tin.

That is all.

  • Mary

    Hi, the download link took me to a “Page not found” error. Can you help? Thanks! Looking forward to playing with your font!

    July 25, 2014at5:25 pm