Bangers and Mash font handmade serif

Bangers and Mash font, my follow-up from a font I designed called Buckley. Bangers and Mash is a hand-lettered typeface, with a playful old school vibe. This seems to be my style at the moment, I'm obsessed with anything hand-made. I get totally inspired by a love of craft and using real materials—even if the craft is just doodling and messing around. I really like the imperfect characteristics of ink on paper. So with Bangers and Mash, I'm keeping it real.

Created with a Tombow

I created it using a Tombow N15 pen, it's a dual brush pen that has a brush one end, and a thinner pen at the other end. I used the thinner end to try and to quickly render my characters. Working quickly to retain that sketchy feel. Then I scanned everything in, cleaned up in Illustrator, and copied each letter to Glyphs app.

The font name

I named the typeface after the great British institution that is Bangers 'n' Mash, also known as sausages and mash. You just can't beat mashed potatoes and sausages—served in my house with onion gravy. Puts a smile on my face every time—comfort food at its very best.