Before breakfast font created in under ten minutes

Good morning, early risers! Allow me to introduce the Before Breakfast font, my latest typeface creation. This little gem was born thanks to a fantastic iPad app I stumbled upon called iFontMaker.

What's so impressive about this app, you ask? Well, it empowers you to design your own font directly on your iPad and seamlessly transform them into a fully-fledged typeface.

Now, isn't that a nifty feature?

Creating Before Breakfast in Under Ten Minutes

I absolutely adore this app; it's incredibly user-friendly and blazingly fast. In fact, it's so speedy that I decided to put myself to the test and see if I could whip up a font in under ten minutes.

The result? Well, you're looking at it!

Before Breakfast Font by Simon Stratford

Once you've fine-tuned your font's design on your iPad, all it takes is a simple click of the upload button, and voilà – the conversion is complete. You can then shoot yourself an email with the download link and have it installed on your desktop in no time.

Getting to Know Before Breakfast Font

This font? It's a product of my imagination and my trusty, yet slightly chubby, index finger! I even managed to throw in a few slab-style elements to give it that extra touch of intrigue.

Styling-wise, I aimed for a playful and endearing look – a hand-drawn slab font, if you will. I hope you find it as delightful as I do!