Best Display Fonts for Graphic Design 2022

Display fonts, as the name implies, are like the eye-catching headlines of the typography world. They're the stars of newspaper ads, packaging, billboards, magazines, and even your social media feed. These fonts are designed to make a bold statement, and they do it at larger sizes, ensuring they catch your eye.

Ease of Reading

One of the fantastic things about display fonts is their legibility. They're easy on the eyes, making them perfect for drawing you into the content or delivering your message, even if it's hidden within the body text.

Diverse Display Designs

Display typefaces, as I'll show you in my examples below, are the rebels of typography. They come in various styles and shapes, often a bit more relaxed compared to their body text counterparts.

The beauty of display fonts lies in their freedom. With just a headline of, say, 10 words, designers can unleash their creativity without constraints. This results in a world of fantastic and exotic designs. And within the display type category, you'll find a myriad of sub-genres like slab serif, script, sans serif, hand-drawn, and more. Someone, somewhere, has designed it.

Conveying Your Message

Choosing the right display font can make all the difference in communicating your message and setting the perfect tone and style for your brand.

I understand that picking the right font can be a daunting task, so I've handpicked some favorites to make your selection a breeze.

Beautiful Freak Display Font

Beautiful Freak is a contemporary and quirky display font with a delightful modern street-style vibe. Whether it's posters, t-shirts, or packaging, Beautiful Freak will give your designs an alternative minimalist look that's charged with creativity.

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Daisy Display Font

Daisy is a display font that takes you right back to the swinging 1960s. It's the epitome of retro, boasting charm and a playful demeanor. Get ready to have some creative fun!

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Black Magic

Black Magic is a vintage handmade all-caps font that's a perfect match for logos, posters, labels, headlines, apparel, and more. It comes fully loaded with characters, numbers, marks, and punctuation.

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Retro Groovy

Retro Groovy brings a playful and nostalgic vibe, delivering a superb vintage retro aesthetic. If you're after that distinct retro touch, this display font has got you covered.

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Nuraga is a bold typeface inspired by 1960s retail posters. With its abundance of alternative characters, it's an excellent choice for poster headlines, logos, book covers, movie titles, or any project that craves a vintage touch.

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Rawnster Font Duo

Introducing The Rawnster Font Duo, a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern design. This versatile duo is tailor-made for logos, headlines, signage, invitations, labels, magazines, books, greetings, packaging, fashion, makeup, stationery, novels, labels, and any advertising endeavor.

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Bright Melody Font

Bright Melody is a bold vintage-style serif font with a distinctive character and soft features. It's a modern classic serif font with a clean and bold appearance. This versatile font works wonders in large sizes.

Bright Melody is packed with OpenType features, stylistic alternates, and ligatures that will elevate your projects. Whether it's editorial work, logo design, web fonts, clothing branding, product packaging, magazine headlines, or stylish text overlays, it's got you covered.

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With these fonts, your design game for 2022 is ready to take off. Experiment, create, and let your creativity shine through with these stunning display fonts.

Happy designing!