Just like heaven font a handmade brush typeface

Just Like Heaven font is hot off the heels of Atomic Dustbin (my last brush font). It's a quirky handmade brush script with a unique look and feel. I've been doing a lot of painting experiments lately. I'm constantly trying to create a perfect handmade brush font. Well, not a perfect font, just realistic.

An impossible task

There is just so much randomness to real brush lettering that can't be replicated in a black and white typeface—but I'm still willing to give it a go.

You get it or you don't

Just Like Heaven is certainly different and borders on the bizarre. It's bizarre because nothing really fits together. That gives it that slightly unhinged look. It's a look that you either get or you don't. Type purists will certainly hate it—and that's okay.

Keeping the weird

I made a concerted effort to keep the ugly characters. Sounds odd? It's easy to edit out the glyphs that you think look ugly. That's what everyone else does. So I kept them. Just because a font is static and set in stone doesn't mean it has to be perfect. People are looking for the perfect line. I'm looking for the distressed line, give me that any day.

Just Like Heaven Font Name

I needed a name so I could save all my sketches and whack them in illustrator. I've always got music on the go, and The Cure's Just Like Heaven came on. So I named the font after the song. It was meant to be a temporary name but I stuck with it.


Just Like Heaven has 4 alternatives for each uppercase and lowercase glyph. It uses OpenType technology to cycle through those glyphs to give your type a more random appearance. The different alternatives are only available via OpenType aware applications. The glyphs are in stylistic sets, so you can turn off contextual alternatives and select them manually. Just Like Heaven font includes;

  • One weight
  • Uppercase and lowercase
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation & Symbols
  • 4 alternatives for letters
  • Western European characters
  • Central European characters
  • South Eastern European characters
  • OTF