Michael Fassbender photoshop oil painting with cracked paint

Michael Fassbender Oil painting in Photoshop, I'm always experimenting with new techniques, trying to get that perfect paint and texture effect. One of those techniques is to comp a modern face into an old painting. Then using the smudge tool to blend the two together. It looks kitsch but not in a bad taste way, in an ironic knowing way. It's a cheap effect, but it looks cool—I'll put links at the bottom to show my other video's.

Michael Fassbender video

Michael Fassbender is very popular at the moment, thought he was amazing as the robot in Prometheus. I can't believe that was in 2012—blimey. I still need to see Macbeth and Steve Jobs but anyway I digress—I choose Fassbender to create this more expansive video. I'm still not doing a voice-over, and I've still speeded up the footage in most of this video. However, people seemed to be obsessed with what brush I used, what size, and what pressure. So this time round, I've put in slow bits, so you can see what I've done more clearly.