Mister Rooster font a script font made in illustrator

Introducing Mister Rooster font, I've changed the name to Miss Rooster (don't ask). It's been a while since I last did a script font, and I swore I wouldn't do another one for a while—I kept my word. I've been concentrating on photography packs and have another one in the works but wanted to finish Mister Rooster first.

Created by robots

Mister Rooster was created entirely on my mac, in illustrator. I thought it would be quicker, and it was. Not scanning paper into my computer is a massive bonus, its music to my ears.

Illogical just makes sense

This is a very rough and ready font, my approach, as usual, is very illogical. It's guerrilla font making! Just pick up the pen and start drawing, then this emerges. I like it.

Crossing the i's and dotting the...

Then I realize that nothing is joining up as it should. Let's try that again shall we. Mister Rooster follows on from my last font Whippin Piccadilly but this time its got proper joined up writing. I had great plans for a bold version but events conspired against me—sorry about that.

Mister Rooster font

Right, so all the letters join up seamlessly with the creation of tons of ligatures. They are not discretionary so should be on by default. You still need to use contextual alternatives to see the beginning, isolated and terminal forms. Mind you I have only added a few of them. I'll put an instruction video online once I have written this.

Like a pen brush without the detail

With the help of my trusty graphics tablet I've made Mister Rooster look like it's been drawn with a pen. Now it doesn't have the complexity of a real pen, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It has much simpler paths so should be quicker to work with. Take a look, see what you think.