Mu-th-ur free font download inspired by the film Prometheus

Mu-th-ur font was inspired by the science fiction film Prometheus. I've always been a fan of Ridley Scott and the surreal art of H.R. Giger. In the original movie Alien, the ship Nostromo had a computer called MU-TH-UR 6000—hence the name for my typeface. Geeky name I know—but I like it.

I have to say for such a long wait, I was disappointed with Prometheus. The film did offer many answers from the original Alien movie (also raised a lot more questions). It was visually stunning and looked awesome. But the characterizations were terrible.

Too one-dimensional with no depth. Stupid characters that you wanted to get killed. And they did. Why do films do this? You know the jock is always gonna be first. Anyhoo.

What Can You Do David?

One character that did stand out was David—played fantastically by Michael Fassbender. In the run-up to the film was a series of viral videos. Now, this David video really caught my interest. So here it is in January 2017, and I'm playing with very rough concepts in glyphs app. I was trying to make a font created from different component parts. Those Prometheus visuals still floating around in my brain. The font is not a slavish copy of what you see in the film but more of an attempt to create a font that would not look out of place in the movie. A homage if you like.

What's Included with Mu-th-ur

Mu-th-ur includes all standard uppercase and lowercase glyphs but also includes:

  • Regular style only
  • Numbers
  • Standard Punctuation
  • Standard Symbols
  • Western European characters
  • Central European characters
  • South Eastern European characters

In total, Mu-th-ur includes 399 glyphs and the font format is otf and ttf.