Petit Jardin decorative display font

I never had a plan or any direction when I created this new font called Petit Jardin (small garden). In fact, I never intended on creating a font at all; I was just messing about in Illustrator. I was experimenting in Illustrator with curve shapes and my graphics tablet, and Petit Jardin kind of formed out of those shapes. I've become a bit obsessed with drawing with Illustrator just lately.

Decorative serif

The basic letterforms were created very quickly in about a few hours. Then I went back and tweaked the curly serif bits. When I get an idea in my head, I won't stop until I've finished, no matter what the time. I ended up finishing at around 3 am, but I was very happy with the night's work. It took me about 3 days to convert it to a proper font.

Petit Jardin font name

The font reminded me of the art nouveau style, and that, in turn, reminded me of a trip to Paris last year. I thought that I had to call it something French. I racked my brain and eventually settled on Petit Jardin. When I think of art nouveau, I always think of organic shapes and nature. So the name ties in with the look.

Using Petit Jardin

The font is quite delicate and thin, so it looks best as a display headline typeface. I think it's the most feminine font I've done; normally, I design like a bull in a china shop. Petit Jardin has a decorative hand-drawn feel. The serifs skip and bounce above and below the baseline, giving it a playful feeling. I think it would work really well on invites and wedding stationery. It might even work on product packaging and labels.

Buy Petit Jardin full commercial typeface

Full commercial license, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It also includes Western, Central, and South Eastern European glyphs.

That is all.