Autobahn SVG bitmap stencil font

Well, here we go, folks. It's 2019, and I've got a new font for you. And guess what? It's not just any font; it's an Opentype-SVG Bitmap font. Yeah, I know, sounds fancy, right?

They're all the rage these days. I've named this bad boy Autobahn SVG, and it's a stencil font, just like its sibling, Mind The Gap.

OpenType SVG Bitmap allows full-colour images or thousands of shades of grey—they are not vectors but bitmaps.

OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts open the door to a whole new world of detail. I thought it would be neat to revisit the stencil look—so I did.

Autobahn SVG Stencil

Autobahn SVG was created with real stencils cut out by hand and sprayed onto paper with black acrylic paint. It was fun to create but incredibly messy, that spray paint gets everywhere! At least you don't have to get covered in black paint to enjoy this font. In my usual fashion, the font is far from perfect. It's dirty and distressed—just like a real stencil. Plus I would not have it any other way.

It is a unicase font meaning it only has capital letters. It contains at least two alternatives for each A-Z letter. A-Z uppercase has one version of each letter, and a-z lowercase has another. Autobahn also includes a few additional alternatives with missing counters. Make use of them to give your design a more random look. Combine them with the free 42 paint spray drips, and you can create a graffiti masterpiece. The cool thing about the SVG bitmap font it's all on a transparent background so you can quickly change the color in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Autobahn SVG font

Autobahn SVG Usage

Autobahn SVG is perfect for getting that military or urban look and feel. Great for posters, headlines, book covers, and packaging—or anything where you want that graffiti style.

Autobahn OpenType SVG: Please read

OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts are still using very new technology. Support for them is limited but growing all the time. Please take note of the following information before you buy the typeface.

Image backups

If your software is too old I've provided high-resolution images, so you can still manually compose letterforms inside photoshop or your application of choice. Also very handy if your end design is huge, the high-resolution images should have your back in terms of quality. So make use of them if you plan on creating large print designs.

Autobahn traditional vector font included

With Autobahn SVG you also get a traditional vector font. It's not quite the same as the SVG version (not as much detail), but it will work in any graphics application.

Included with the Autobahn OpenType-SVG font

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters (They are alternative versions of uppercase)
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Symbols and marks
  • Support for Western, Central and South Eastern European languages

Bonus spray paint textures

Also included with the font, are 42 high-resolution spray paint drips—all created by hand by me. Use them how you like, but they look super cool placed over the font to make each letter look slightly different.

Check out Autobahn SVG font in my store.