Mind the gap stencil font each and every letter cut out by hand

Mind the Gap font just released—but first, let me make a short story longer.

If you have ever visited London the chances are you have travelled on the Tube. As a tourist, it's one of the easiest ways to get around—it's like a big adventure and buzzing with energy.

Commuting, on the other hand, is generally not an enjoyable experience. In fact, it's the exact opposite of enjoyable.

Lost hours in limbo travelling to and from the office, packed in like sardines—soul destroying. Lucky for me I decided life was too short to be spent in a hellishly hot tube. I quit my job and started my own business from home.

Mind the Gap inspiration

Those hellish tube journeys and waiting on the platforms are in part the inspiration for Mind the Gap font. When you are waiting for your train you would have undoubtedly seen the words "Mind the Gap" painted on the floor. And on some tube lines, that voice recording that says "Mind the gap" twice at every station—I've already minded the gap and want to kick you in the balls.

Shut the hell up. Now that excited the neurones in my brain and they passed me a message that said do a stencil font and call it Mind the Gap—who I am to question that.

Stencil font cutting is fun

I spent the day cutting out letters, taping them down to paper and hit them with the black spray paint. It's tedious work but somebody's got to do it. I then scanned in all the images, dropped them into illustrator and traced them. Popped them into glyphs app and et voilà—a new font is born. On a side note I created a spray paint bundle at the same time as this font.