Munky font a fun bold slab serif typeface

Introducing Munky font, a big plate full of a slab serif. Now to be totally honest I'm not sure about the name. It's been bugging me. I was planning on calling it Heffalump because it's such a big lummox of a font.

I thought that was a perfect name and I'd nailed it. But I changed it to Munky as it was shorter and catchier (is that even a word?). But it's still bugging me. Being creative is a lot more than just creating.

Naming the font should be the easy part. Anyway back to the doing. Munky was created in Adobe Illustrator with my Wacom graphics tablet.

I was going to sketch it out on paper but that always leads to more complex paths. I wanted to keep its paths as simple as I could.

It's not always easy

Originally, I had other layers for Munky a drop shadow, an inline version, and a hatched drop shadow. The four versions were all perfectly laid out in illustrator. But when I converted the regular font to glyphs app I changed and tweaked every glyph. That meant I had to go back and rework the others. I couldn't face all the copy and paste of 355 glyphs, so decided to ditch them. Really annoying 'cause it took me an age to complete the hatch version. There has to be a better way of doing it without all the copy-paste work. Anyway, less talk take a look.