Mr Blue Sky font a handdrawn display typefece

Hey there Mr Blue, I'm so pleased I created you! Har Har. It's bloody hot in London. Let me tell you, it's not my ideal weather to create a font, so this was a bit of a mission. Hard to work when my brain feels like it's in meltdown—I need air con. I got the idea for Mr Blue Sky from a bag of popcorn. Proper Corn, I loved their logo so much that it inspired me to create this typeface.

My design process

I wanted a Gothic Grotesk sans-serif look and feel to the type—but with a playful and fun feeling. I sketched out the initial design for Mr Blue Sky with a pencil on paper. Once complete, I did a more careful ink drawing, this would be my master copy that I would base everything from. I scanned that inked drawing into Photoshop, cleaned it up with levels, then put that into Illustrator. I used an auto-trace preset I have for this kind of work and drew the wobbly lines over the typeface with my graphics tablet. I liked it, looked real nice—Oh yeah.

Putting it all together

I put all the vectors in Glyphs app and got to work, removing points and changing curves. It still looked quite wobbly, I wanted it to look a bit tighter. I removed more points, I chopped out the mistakes, and refined the curves. After that, kerning, kerning and more kerning. You might have guessed—I don't like kerning. Then I took a break. Sleep. The next day, I still liked it, sweet, that's a good sign.

Design uses for Mr Blue Sky font

It has bags of personality and life. It would be a great choice for posters, logos and packaging but also flexible enough to be used for a range of design jobs. It's a display typeface so use it at large point sizes and for headlines.

Buy Mr Blue Sky

You can buy the full commercial typeface for in my shop. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, symbols and western, Central and South Eastern European glyphs. The font format is .otf and .ttf. It has 337 glyphs in total.