Troupe font a handcrafted typeface with 4 styles & 6 weights

Troupe, a new handcrafted font that I've been working on is finally finished—Oh yeah. The font has been inspired by hand-drawn letterforms, old circus posters, and hand-painted signs. Surprisingly it's not a script font. If you had to classify it I suppose it's a hand-drawn slab, and it's best used as a display typeface. Use it for bold fun headings, crank up the size it looks better, bigger.

Troupe inspiration

The design started with as a sketch, I was experimenting with hand-drawn letters. I then digitalized it into Illustrator and created the whole family. I thought creating the 4 styles could take it in a new direction. I wanted a kind of quirky, cheeky feeling to the font. It's playful but restrained. It harks back to the circus, of hand-painted signs and traditional lettering. It has 6 weights and 4 styles to play with.

Styles and weights

The font has 6 weights:

  • Ultra Light
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Ultra Bold

It also has 4 styles:

  • Inner stroke
  • Outline
  • Outline filled
  • Dots

Using Troupe

Troupe is flexible enough to bring fun and energy to a wide range of designs like book covers, logos, cards, posters, and billboards. It will give any design that handcrafted feel.

Buy Troupe family

The font has around 370 glyphs in total, including upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, math symbols, and support for Western, Eastern, and South Eastern European characters. You will get 10 versions of the font that are listed above in .otf and .ttf format.

That is all.