Wild Irish Rose brush script font

Wild Irish Rose is a quickly hand-painted brush script font. Painted without overthinking too much (easy for me huh), I intentionally painted it as fast as I could.

I knew, or at least I thought that would give it energy. Adding energy into a static image is something that I'm constantly striving for—it's not as easy as it sounds. I wanted it to look fresh so that it would allow you to create striking handmade designs—that looked like you hand-painted it yourself.

Handwriting Font

As I said, every letter has been hand-painted with a real brush, with real acrylic paint—Handwritten by me. It would have been much easier to create this font on the iPad, but it wouldn't have looked the same, plus I get a kick out of making a mess with paint—its when the magic happens. It has then been carefully scanned, cleaned up in Photoshop and converted to an OpenType-SVG bitmap font.

OpenType-SVG Bitmap Font

It has a level of detail that is just staggering (for a typeface); you can see every brush stroke and even see the bristle marks. You just can't get that detail in a traditional vector typeface, it's bitmaps all the way baby. With the tremendous amount of detail and irregular brush marks, it can help you create that fresh handmade look and feel—no more boring and predictable vectors. Oh and I forgot that with the help of Photoshop, it's a full-color transparent typeface. Basically, that means you can overlay the font over anything in any color, and it will look awesome.

Hand-Lettered Style

Wild Irish Rose has a hand-lettered style, with complex paint texture imperfections. You could say it's a calligraphy font, as it's properly cursive but I prefer to call it a brush script. The paint blemishes make the typeface as authentic as possible adding a real human touch to your design work. It has an ever so slight urban feel to it, mainly due to the brush marks. Like it was painted on a wall in New York City—that sounds better than Tooting in London. Not that I have anything against Tooting, I love Tooting.

The Font Name

I got the name from a song by U2 called Wild Irish Rose (don't judge me). The song is not particularly that good, but the lyrics and the images it evoked seemed to fit what I was trying to create. They wrote the song at the same time as Rattle and Hum when U2 were traveling all over America. I'm not even sure they released it, must have been on some obscure B side.

In Bono's own words "I noticed that the cheap liquor that all the bums drank was called Wild Irish Rose." The lyrics are beautiful, kind of romantic but sad.

Wild Irish Rose Font Usage

The Wild Irish Rose font is adaptable enough for a broad range of uses. Its trendy contemporary look would be excellent for book covers, magazines, branding, unique logos, social media marketing, presentations, fashion and beauty, wedding invites, and anything where you want that trendy handmade look and feel.

Included with Wild Irish Rose

  • OpenType-SVG bitmap font (color font)
  • High-resolution PSD and PNG files
  • Uppercase & Lowercase glyphs
  • Numbers & Punctuation
  • Separators, standard symbols, and marks
  • One font weight

Please note: The OpenType-SVG bitmap font only includes the standard Latin character set.

OpenType-SVG Boring But Important

This newfangled OpenType-SVG technology is fantastic, but it's cutting-edge tech and has its limits. This font will only work in Photoshop CC2017+, Illustrator CC2018+, and a handful of other native Mac applications. The Windows operating system does not yet fully support OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts. You will not see the letters when you install the font on a PC, but they will still work in the latest version of Windows in Photoshop CC2017+ and Illustrator CC2018+.

High Resolution Image Backup

If your software is older than above spec or you want to print large images, you can still use the typeface. I've provided high-resolution images for Photoshop (works in any version) and PNG images for other design applications that support them (everything supports PNG—right?). That means you will need to compose your words and sentences manually—sure that is a total ball ache, but it will look stunning.

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