Lino Gothic

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About Lino Gothic

Lino Gothic font draws inspiration from the art of linocut printing, where each character is meticulously carved out of linoleum blocks and hand-printed with diminishing ink, resulting in a vintage hand-printed aesthetic.

What sets it apart are its OpenType SVG bitmap features. Each uppercase letter offers five alternatives, each with a unique print texture, allowing you to craft your distinctive style. The level of detail in this typeface is way better than a traditional font, giving your designs an extraordinary level of detail.

As a bonus, you'll also receive a handmade marker pen font and a classic vector typeface.

Lino Gothic Usage:

Lino Gothic is a bold display typeface ideal for various creative designs. It excels at creating a retro letterpress look, making it suitable for logos, letterheads, headlines, t-shirts, vintage packaging, book covers, and beer labels. If you want a genuine letterpress style, Lino Gothic is the perfect choice.

OpenType SVG Bitmap Font:

Lino Gothic uses OpenType-SVG Bitmap font format, offering full transparency and a multitude of shades of black and grey. This technology provides the font with exceptional detail compared to older font formats—but its cutting edge and you'll need to read the compatibility below.


OpenType-SVG Bitmap fonts are supported in software like Photoshop CC 2017+ and Illustrator CC 2018+ (and select other native OSX apps). However, they may not display correctly in older versions of Illustrator. Please note that Adobe InDesign does not fully support OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts.

Image Backups:

If your software is not compatible, high-resolution images are provided, allowing you to manually compose letterforms in Photoshop or your preferred application. Please be aware that Lino Gothic SVG and Vector fonts do not include diacritical marks.

Included with Lino Gothic SVG Font:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Five alternative A-Z characters
  • Basic numbers and punctuation
  • Basic symbols

Included with Lino Gothic Vector Font:

  • Uppercase characters
  • A collection of alternatives
  • Basic numbers and punctuation
  • Basic symbols

Included with Lino Gothic Pen Font:

  • Uppercase characters
  • A collection of alternatives
  • Basic numbers and punctuation
  • Basic symbols
  • Symbols and marks
  • Full support for Western, Central, and South Eastern European languages

If Lino Gothic Font Were a Celebrity

If the Lino Gothic font were a celebrity, it might resemble Daniel Day-Lewis. With layers of character and versatility, it seamlessly adapts to various design styles, akin to Day-Lewis's deep immersion into his roles.

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