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Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag.

About Mr Chumley

Meet Mr. Chumley, the font with a personality as bold as a circus ringmaster. This typeface is here to inject some fun into your design game.

Now, imagine crafting this font with nothing but a Sharpie pen and a piece of paper. Yep, it's that hand-lettered and quirky, giving your work that charming handmade touch.

Mr. Chumley thrives in the spotlight, especially when it comes to headlines at 16 points or higher. Posters, book jackets, packaging – you name it, and Mr. Chumley's bold look will steal the show.

But wait, there's more! Mr. Chumley isn't just one flavour; it's a whole font buffet. You get regular, rough, grunge, halftone, shadow, and hatches styles. Mix and match to create your unique typographic masterpiece.

With around 229 glyphs, including uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and a selection of European characters, Mr. Chumley is here to make your design life easier.

It's an OTF format font, so it plays well with various design apps. So, go ahead, let Mr. Chumley bring the circus to your creativity!

If Mr. Chumley font were a celebrity

If Mr. Chumley strutted down the red carpet as a celebrity, you can bet your quirky design projects it would be John Candy stealing the spotlight. Yep, they share that same bold and fresh personality.

Product Info

Font Format: OTF

Designers: Simon Stratford

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