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Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag.

About Separator

So, let's talk about this Separator font, shall we? It is a rebellious typographic experiment! I mean, who needs curves when you can have straight lines?

Picture this: I'm watching Prometheus trailers in 2012, and boom! Separator font is conceived. Those trailers were like a creative lightning bolt, sparking this font's existence.

The David Connection

Now, you might wonder, What's the connection to David? Well, remember how David, the android, was all about mimicking human emotions in the movie? Separator font dives into themes like artificial intelligence and our tech-driven dance with humanity.

AI, my friends, is no longer science fiction; it's our annoying neighbour, borrowing sugar and taking over our fonts.

If Separator font were a celebrity

And voila, you get Separator font – a sleek, futuristic, and slightly rebellious font that's got that David-from-Prometheus vibe. It's like the font version of a cool android with enigmatic charm!

Product Info

File Size: 31kb

Font Format: OTF

Glyph Count: 299

Designers: Simon Stratford

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